Amtico in West Sussex

We have been supplying and fitting Amtico in West Sussex for over 20 years and can provide you with a full range of high quality Amtico flooring for your residential or commercial premises. Our many years in the flooring industry have helped us build up long and very strong relationships with Amtico allowing us to offer our customers the most competitive and affordable Amtico in West Sussex. Amtico is a very high quality vinyl flooring product with exceptional durability. It comes with a 25 year guarantee and its unique look, desirable aesthetics and practicality make it one of the worlds most popular flooring products.

Affordable Amtico in West Sussex

We stock a large range of different styles and colourings of Amtico flooring in our shop in Crawley, however we supply the full range of amtico flooring customers at the best trade prices.

To see the full range visit and choose your dream flooring. Once you know what you want, get in touch with us via phone or email to discuss it further and to see what great deal we can get you. If you would like to speak to one of our experienced members of staff they will be only too happy to offer you some advice and guidance or help you to choose the perfect Amtico flooring.

More about Amtico in West Sussex

There are various different styles of Amtico flooring and you are sure to find one to suit every room. With a huge selection of Stone, Wood, Contemporary and Spacia styles Amtico flooring should always be considered when looking to replace or install new flooring in your home or commercial premise. the aesthetic appeal and exceptional durability of the flooring is outstanding and haas lead to Amtico being one of the most desired flooring solutions in the world.

Stone: A huge advantage of stone Amtico is that it can be fitted over suspended floorboards, where real stone may potentially crack. It’s flexible, authentic and and quite warm when touched making it a perfect flooring solution for your home.

Woods: Amtico has a huge wood range which must be seen to be believed. If you are after natural looking flooring in areas where practicality can sometimes be an issue, then Amticos, wooden vinyls are the perfect solution. Replicating real wood grains, they can be laid in areas where real wood flooring may not be as sustainable or practical. For example, Bathrooms, Kitchens and Conservatories, areas of the house where real wooden floors would not have the durability to last Amtico guarantee a high quality, beautiful solution.

Spacia: Spacia is a high quality simple flooring solution that looks very stylish. Often regarded as the ‘entry level’ for Amtico flooring it is a sustainable and affordable solution to real wood flooring or stone flooring.

Contemporary: The Amtico range stretches to contemporary flooring and has a really unique range that need to be seen to be believed. Providing a flooring solution for state of the art homes and commercial properties contemporary Amtico offers innovative glass and metal effects that will provide the perfect finish to contemporary living.

We fit Amtico in West Sussex

Once you have decided on your flooring and we have supplied you with the correct amount, it’s then important that you have the flooring installed by industry specialists who are incredibly experienced with Amtico. Luckily, at Milans Carpets we have expert fitters who can supply you with the perfect finish to the very highest of standard. They will also be on hand to provide you with the best in maintenance advice and ensure that any after care work is taken care of. Visit our shop in Crawley, call or email to speak to an expert in Amtico flooring in West Sussex.

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